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Have you been a victim of fraud by a Timeshare Developer?

You have legal rights!

Most people in this situation have no idea that they rights and protection under many consumer protection laws. While it is true that a timeshare contract is a binding legal document, it is often a misconception that such a contract cannot be cancelled. The truth of the matter is that under the law, contracts can be cancelled for a variety of reasons, including fraud.

Here are some Examples:

        • Were you told you to attend a short meeting that turned into hours long sales presentation?
        • Were you told that you missed a special deal, or your price was good for today only?
        • Were you told a timeshare would be a good investment or that you could sell it later for a profit?
        • Were you told you could rent your timeshare out to cover its costs or even profit?
        • Were you told the sales agent was going to be your personal representative?
        • Were you told you could refinance your timeshare purchase to lower your interest rate?
        • Were you told you had time to completely cancel the contract?
        • Were you told there was a buyback program if you decided you did not want your timeshare?
        • Were you told buying VIP status would guarantee reservations?
        • Were you told buying more points would lower your maintenance fees?
        • Do you believe that your credit application was altered so that your qualified for a mortgage you could not afford?
        • Was the amount of points necessary for purchasing airline tickets, cruises, hotels, etc., misrepresented?
        • Were you told the number of points required to get reservations at various locations?
        • Were you told the sales agent did not work on commission?
        • Have you had problems getting reservations because no rooms were available?
        • Were you told that your maintenance fees would not go up, or minimally, if at all?
        • Did they offer to buy your previous timeshare for a great profit?
        • Did they tell you that you could go anywhere in the world whenever you wanted?
        • Did they tell you that you could write the timeshare off on your taxes or that you could refinance at a much lower rate?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions,
there’s a strong possibility that you are the victim of timeshare fraud.

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